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Entrega por um parceiro de confiança

Todas as encomendas em Portugal Continental são entregues com transporte especializado para garantir a chegada em segurança do seu mobiliário.

Pagamento no ato de entrega

Não é necessário qualquer adiantamento ou pré-pagamento. Pague com dinheiro ou cartão bancário no ato de entrega.

Garantia de devolução de 365 dias

Se não estiver 100 % satisfeito com o seu produto, pode devolvê-lo dentro de 365 dias e receber a totalidade do valor de volta.

Garantia de bom preço

Trabalhamos diretamente com os fabricantes e tentamos oferecer-lhe os melhores preços. Contudo, se encontrar o mesmo produto mais barato, igualaremos o preço.

1 encomenda = 1 árvore

Por cada encomenda realizada e entregue, plantamos uma árvore. Graças a si, podemos plantar milhares de árvores!

In English

Our website does not currently have an English version, but we would be glad to help you to place an order or answer your questions in English by email [email protected] or phone +351 21 145 2323



Every furniture has its own specified delivery term which is written in each furniture description. If possible the following term is shortened. Furniture usually is delivered at the agreed convenient time.

  • The shipping price is calculated depending on the price of the order, the delivery price ranges are: For orders up to 350 eur. - 39 eur .; Up to 700 eur. - 49 eur .; 701 eur. and more - 59 eur.
  • We deliver the furniture only with our trusted partner — we take care that the furniture reaches your home safely.
  • For an additional fee of 15 euros, the delivery person will be able to transport the furniture to your apartment (if possible).
  • Furniture is usually delivered flat-packet and unassembled, assembly instructions are usually attached to the furniture.
  • Upon request there is a possibility to arrange delivery abroad. In order to find out the approximate delivery price contact us with the desired list of furniture and the delivery address.
  • You can always cancel your order in case you are not satisfied with delivery time or price.

One day before the delivery we will call to inform and arrange a convenient delivery time.



Payment can be done using the following methods:

  • Cash on delivery;
  • Card on delivery;
  • Bank transfer;
  • PayPal;


Cash on delivery

With the cash on delivery payment method, you can pay for the order just like in a regular store — with cash. If you choose this method of payment, you will pay not at the time of ordering, but instead at the time of delivery of the products. The courier delivering the order will issue a cash receipt and an invoice. You must have the exact amount specified in your order at the time of delivery.


Card on delivery

With this payment method, you can pay by bank card during the delivery of the order. The courier will provide you with a card reader and you will be able to simply scan your bank card to pay for the order. The courier will give you a receipt for the payment and an invoice.


Bank transfer

If you choose this payment method, the bank transfer must be made before the day of delivery of the order (unless otherwise agreed). Note that you must write your order number in the payment description field (eg #35xxxxx)

  • Account Details:
  • Beneficiary: Eurofurni1 SL
  • IBAN: ES5401820210340202139798
  • Company code: B42711937
  • Description: your order number (#35xxxxx)



When choosing the payment method with PayPal, after placing the order you will be redirected to the PayPal page to complete the transaction.


Returns and refunds

All of our products include warranties. If you have noticed a factory defect or transporting damages we will resolve the issue while ordering warranty pieces or replacing a product with a new one or making a refund delivering them to you. If you have a possibility – email us pictures of the defects or damages – that way it is more likely that we will solve the situation quicker. All the information about the warranty service is provided over the phone +351 21 145 2323 or via email at [email protected].


Moveis1.pt 365 days money return guarantee

Unlike many other online and conventional stores, if you are not 100% satisfied with your product's quality you can return it within 365 calendar days (yes, whole year!) and receive all of the money back. We will arrive personally to pick up the furniture in all of mainland Portugal and all the return expenses will be covered by us. When returning the products following conditions must be followed:

  • When returning the product it has to be in its' original packaging (for product inspection you can cut through the packaging tape which holds the packages closed);
  • Assembled products in good quality cannot be returned;
  • The product must not be damaged by the customer;
  • In cases when the reason for returning the product is poor quality, we take the responsibility to change the product into the good quality product or return the money paid;
  • The product must be in marketable appearance (labels, safety packaging must not be damaged) (this paragraph does not apply if the product is being return due to poor manufacturing quality);
  • The returned product must have all the units and packages, just as it was received.
  • The returned goods will be picked up from the closest place our vans can reach.
  • We are obligated to do the return of the goods within 10 working days, unless settled differently. The money may be returned via bank transfer to the account provided by the client. The money is only returned for the product and not for the paid services.


24 month quality guarantee

Every product sold by moveis1.pt has its main qualities listed in the description. All products sold by moveis1.pt receive a manufacturer's warranty, which terms and conditions you can read in the product description and warranty sheets. After purchasing one of these products, before assembling, do a close inspection. Warranty validity conditions:
  • During the assembling process, the customer has to follow the assembly instructions;
  • The product has been used for its intended purpose by working one shift and maintained accordingly to the supervisory rules;
  • Warranty applies to product quality defects caused by the fault of the manufacturer and transporting by the seller's transport. The buyers loses the warranty rights in these cases:
  • Buyer failed to follow furniture maintenance and supervision rules;
  • The products were damaged by the buyer;
  • Furniture has not suffered from force majeure.

About the appeared defects while using the furniture please inform using the following contacts, provided on the website www.moveis1.pt. During the warranty term all quality and quantity mismatches are solved by moveis1.pt. Fixes or replacements to proper quality products or pieces are covered at company expense. Moveis1.pt is obligated to resolve the warranty cases in 15-45 working days from the warranty registration day. In the case, after you have purchased one of these products and noticed that it is in poor quality, you have the right to return the product to us within 24 months from the delivery day. Products are also picked up for free with our transport. In this case poor quality product is changed to a proper quality one or a full refund for the purchase will be issued.During the warranty term (24 months) after noticing the hidden manufacturing defects, please take pictures and send them to us at [email protected]. The manufacturer will decide will the warranty be applied - meaning did the defect appeared while manufacturing or due to other reasons. You will be informed about the manufacturer's decision trough communication lines provided by you. Please note that:

  • The manufacturer's warranty does not apply to naturally worn out pieces of the furniture or to the fabric.
  • In the case when the furniture return reason is poor quality, we are obligated to replace the poor quality furniture into a satisficing quality one or return the money paid.



Do you have questions? Want to place an order?


You would like to return your furniture? Noticed any manufacturing defects or damage? Don’t worry — we will resolve any problems together! Email us [email protected].

If after unpacking your furniture you encountered manufacturing defects or transport damages, don’t worry. If you have a chance, take pictures of the defects and e-mail them to us. It is more likely that we will be able to resolve the issue sooner this way :)

We are trying to make the process of buying furniture smoother. We want to live up to our clients’ expectations. That’s why your opinion matters to us. If you have any remarks, feedback, complaints or suggestions, please write to us at [email protected]. This is very important to us!